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Controls and Monitoring Systems

Advanced Control & Monitoring Systems for Every Space

Elevate your climate control experience with our state-of-the-art Control & Monitoring Systems, designed to cater to homes, offices, hotels, and for individual monitoring needs. Our systems provide unparalleled precision, convenience, and efficiency, allowing you to customize and optimize the environment in any setting. From the comfort of your home to the dynamic needs of commercial spaces, our solutions offer real-time monitoring, easy adjustments, and intelligent automation to ensure optimal comfort and energy savings. Experience the future of climate control with systems that adapt to your lifestyle and business requirements, making every space perfect for those within it.

Salient Features

Energy Efficiency

Automate air conditioning and lighting to significantly reduce energy consumption while enhancing comfort and efficiency.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly connect to a variety of sensors and smart devices for comprehensive control over temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting.

Energy and Cost Management

Monitor and analyze energy usage with detailed reports, trend graphs, and real-time displays, including tenant billing for cost efficiency.

Ease of Use

Designed for simplicity, our systems offer intuitive navigation for effortless management of your indoor environment.

Individual Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units



With a foundation of Horizon Airtech built on over two decades of success in the Compressed air technology distributor, Horizon Refcon extends the legacy of quality and reliability to the HVAC and refrigeration domain. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

At Horizon Refcon, we take pride in our strategic partnership with DAIKIN, a brand synonymous with innovation and efficiency. This collaboration allows us to offer a wide range of advanced HVAC and refrigeration products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Centralised Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units

Residential remote controller (Optional)


Max. 16 groups of indoor units can be easily controlled
with the large LCD Panel.
• Max. 16 group (128 indoor units) are controllable.
• Backlight and large LCD panel for easy readability.
• ON/OFF, temperature setting and scheduling can be controlled individually for indoor units.
• All indoor units can be turned on or off at once with “ALL” button.
• Outside temperature display.

Central remote controller (Optional)


Max. 64 groups (zones) of indoor units can be controlled individually same as
LCD remote controller.
• Max. 64 group (128 indoor units) are controllable.
• Max. 128 group (128 indoor units) are controllable by using 2 central remote controllers, which can be
controlled from 2 different places.
• Zone control.
• Malfunction code display.
• Max. wiring length of 1,000m (Total: 2,000m).
• Airflow volume and direction can be controlled individually for indoor units in each group operation.
• Ventilation volume and mode can be controlled for Heat Reclaim Ventilator.
• Up to 4 ON/OFF pairs can be set per day by connecting a schedule timer.

Unified ON/OFF controller (Optional)


Max. 16 groups of indoor units can be operated
• Max. 16 group (128 indoor units) are controllable.
• 2 remote controllers can be used to control 2 different places.
• Operating status indication (Normal Operation, Alarm).
• Centralised control indication.
• Max. wiring length of 1,000m (Total: 2,000m).
• Compact size casing (Thickness: 16mm).

Schedule timer (Optional)


Max. 128 indoor units can be operated as programmed schedule.
• Max. 128 indoor units are controllable.
• When used in combination with a central remote controller, a maximum of 8 weekly schedule
patterns can be set, while the central controller can be used to select desired zones. Up to 2
ON/OFF pairs can be set per day.
• Max. 8 hours back-up power supply.
• Max. wiring length of 1,000m (Total: 2,000m).
• Compact size casing (Thickness: 16mm).

Reiri for Home, Office & Hotel

Reiri for Office


Reiri for Office is the ideal building management solution for all sizes of commercial buildings, espically small to medium-sized buildings, regardless of location. This smart building solution provides affordable and scalable building control and energy management, allowing users greater control and automation of building utilities such as air-conditioning and lightning, and to monitor and manage energy performance and indoor air quality.

Reiri for Home


Reiri for Home is the complete smart home solution with seamless integration capabilities, allowing users to control and monitor all smart home devices conveniently from just a single mobile app. From security and safety enhancements to indoor air quality and energy management, Reiri for Home is the ideal home automation system for every homeowner.

Reiri for Hotel


Reiri for Hotel effectively saves energy and cost while prioritizing guests’ comfort and satisfaction. With this smart hotel solution, energy consumption is optimised without comprimising on the guests’ in-room comfort. Hotel manager and staff are also able to conveniently monitor the status and manage the settings of every room.

Control Systems – Integrated Building Monitoring System


Our unique high speed multiple transmission system links air conditioners and various other building equipment in accordance with applications, scale and conditions and transmits vast amounts of information between them.


The DIII-NET system provides for:

  • Close control and monitoring by integrating a wide variety of air conditioners in the entire building.
  • Saving the in-building cabling using non-polar, two-wire cables. Easier wiring work with tremendously fewer wiring errors.
  • Additional set-ups readily up and running. An extendable cabling up to 2 km in total.
  • Different control equipment flexibly joined in the system for hierarchical risk diversification.
  • Daikin’s total heat exchangers and other devices all under integral control.

Transform Your Indoor Environment


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